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We invite you to enjoy in one of the best place that you had never imagined. At the Torres de Somo Hotel, you will have all kind of amenities and facilities to make your stay quiet and bearable.
You will be able to enjoy all the services we have here: outdoor swimming pool, reading room, wide dining room and other facilities that we are sure you would like to know.
If all of this still not you convinced, try to visit our website and you can discover all of our corners.

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If you have any question about our hotel, you don’t hesitate in ask.

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At the Torres de Somo Hotel, we want that your stay to be the most gratifying. In addition to the fun, comfort is also very important. You can choose between differents rooms to cover all your needs.

Las Encinas

If you want to try a varied menu in a different environment, the Torres de Somo Hotel takes you to Las Encinas Restaurant. You can taste all kinds of dishes and enjoy a magical evening.


At the Torres de Somo Hotel, we offer you a wide range of activities that you can enjoy and your stay here will be fully rewarded. Feel free to check them out!.

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